Power - Combustion processes

Chemical - Combustion

In combustion processes, it is always a balancing act between "Fuel Rich" atmosphere with incomplete combustion and therefore formation of CO and "Air Rich" with a resulting cooling effect and an excess of oxygen. Combustion efficiency is best at the "Crossover Point". Oxygen/CO and CH4 analysers for "trim control" ensure that your combustion process is always efficient.

Gas analysis (TDLs): O2/CO, CH4

Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) gas analysers are the most commonly used analysis systems today. The laser sends light of a specific wavelength through the process gas. The absorption of the light is measured and converted into the gas concentration. The best option is a "probe type" analyser where the laser and detector are in a single housing. This eliminates alignment issues and makes installation and start-up much quicker and easier than with traditional cross-stack analysers. Probe-type analysers for oxygen/carbon monoxide and methane are indispensable for efficient combustion.

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