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Drinking Water - Water Treatment Plant - Waterproductie
Drinking Water - Water Treatment Plant - Waterproductie

Dealing more consciously with water also has an impact on the production of drinking water. Regulation, climate change and new technology make the challenges for drinking water production even greater. Sediment, low water, algae, pesticides, etc. are all potential causes of problems if not carefully monitored. 

The key factor to consider is the quality of the water. This applies to intake, during the processes and at the point where it leaves the pipes.

Surface Water - Water Quality Sensors

The path of drinking water

Drinking water is produced from surface water or pumped groundwater. Each of these brings their own specific challenges. To minimise the water purification required for production, it is important to optimally monitor the quality of the water from the start. Detection of algal growth, leaks and pollution as well as monitoring nutrients and organic load are the main tasks.

The water intake is followed by disinfection. The way in which this takes place can vary, but components such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, peroxide or ozone are often used. After this process, it is important to measure whether these components have entered the water in harmful concentrations.

Throughout the entire process it is important to keep an eye on parameters such as turbidity, colour, conductivity and pH, which is why it is recommended measuring these at various points during production. This is in order to be able to comply with the strict requirements that are justifiably imposed on drinking water.

We know better than anyone that every application is unique. Please feel free to contact us about your drinking water application and together we’ll look for an optimal measurement set-up for your installation.

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