Colour - Food & Beverages

Application Colour Measurement Food & Beverages
Application Colour Measurement Food & Beverages

The end customer chooses and inspects on the basis of colour. In many cases, colour is even a primary factor in whether or not a food tastes good. 

The purchasing decision is influenced by different colour impressions. After all, consumers only buy if the colour of their favourite food products falls within expectations and are only satisfied that this will remain so as long as the storage period is valid. 

Colour measurement helps to ensure consistency from batch to batch, making it easy to monitor quality throughout the production process. Whatever your product looks like: powder, granules, flakes, liquid, gel, etc. Each application presents different challenges, just think of the influence of the degree of transparency of liquids or the texture of solid food. Tailored to your application, we can provide you with further advice, both for measurements in the laboratory and online measurements. 

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