ChemPharma - Filtration

Filtration is a step that occurs at various points in the process. There are all kinds of filtration techniques: from a simple metal filter to ultra and even nano filtration. In most filtration techniques, pressure is built up. This pressure must be controlled. After filtration, a clear liquid remains. To monitor the quality of the filtration, its clarity is measured.

Pressure measurement

A pressure is built up in or in front of the filter that depends on the type of filtration and type of product. The pressure should not be too high or too low. Therefore, continuous pressure measurement is necessary. 

Chemical - Filtration Turbidity

Clarity measurement

The quality of the filtrate is checked using a turbidity meter. A light beam is scattered by the particles still present and measured at a certain angle. 

After filtration, the filter is cleaned. The rinse water through the filter is also measured by the turbidity meter so that you can determine when the filter is ready for the next batch.

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