Explore the possibilities within the different processes in the energy industry. Power Make-up Water Power Make-up Water Power Deaerator Power Deaerator Power Feed Water Heater Power Feed Water Heater Power Boiler Power Boiler Power Turbine Power Turbine Power Combustion Processes Stack Power Combustion Processes Stack Power Condensor Power Condensor Power Cooling Tower Power Cooling Tower Power Condensate Polisher Power Condensate Polisher Power Biogas and biomethane plant Power Biogas and biomethane plant

Energy production

Without heat and (electrical) energy, companies cannot produce and households cannot function. In the rapidly evolving energy landscape, conventional energy production, where water is converted into steam to run turbines, will continue to have their share alongside CHP (combined heat and power) and alternative energy production.

Corrosion prevention... vitally important

In plants where energy is produced by steam, the prevention of corrosion and precipitation (or deposits) is the main concern. Chemicals are dosed in different locations to prevent problems and thereby save a lot of money. That dose, of course, has to be controlled. Early detection of possible causes of corrosion or precipitation is important. This requires reliable and specialised measuring equipment and analysers.