About us

What we do

Elscolab is a distributor of measurement, control and laboratory equipment, and even more: the partner for a reliable continuity of measurements, processes and applications.

Besides the right products, we offer you the right knowledge. Your applications keep running due to our support and training during implementation and maintenance.

We are known for our expertise, good technical knowledge and after-sales service. Over the years we have become an important partner for laboratory and industrial equipment in the Benelux market. Our extensive package of solutions is supported by an enthusiastic team of experienced application and maintenance specialists in various fields.

We are active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.


Our mission is to be an accessible long-term partner for our customers, who can count on us for all support (application, technical, training, etc.).

In collaboration with our customers, we come up with sustainable solutions for “measurement challenges”, so that they are further assisted in terms of research and/or process.

Our role in this collaboration is to act as an innovative partner focused on new technologies.

Elscolab values


We strive to grow as a company, where our employees also gain an enduring sense that they too are growing as a person and where teamwork is key.

As a company, we keep abreast of the latest innovations and technologies, so that we can offer our customers a solution in which the collaboration brings clear added value to all parties.

In this context, we always want to keep our portfolio up to date with the latest developments and strive to optimally support our offer.

Elscolab Teamfoto

Who we are

In our vision you could already clearly read that we aim for a family atmosphere at Elscolab. 

The colleagues are each persons with a story. Because we work with a fantastic team, everyone also knows everyone. This creates a nice atmosphere in the workplace.

We also provide support for the family atmosphere by regularly organising fun activities. Just think of the annual Christmas dinner, a family day or team building, a convivial BBQ to start the summer, etc.