Chemistry - Combustion processes and gas emissions

Chemical - Combustion

Eventually, residual gases are released into the air through a chimney, either by combustion or after purification. Gas analysis at various points in the process is necessary. To prevent explosions, the oxygen concentration is usually controlled. Sometimes also the CO concentration. It’s best to measure the quality of the gases in combustion processes to ensure that you have optimal combustion conditions. This way you protect people and the environment and save unnecessary costs. 

Chemical - Combustion - Gas Phase Oxygen Measurement

Gas sensors

Under the right conditions, oxygen measurement in gases is possible with simple optical or amperometric sensors. 

Optical sensors

Fast and accurate oxygen measurement with minimal maintenance.

Amperometric sensors

Classic oxygen measurement, using proven technology.

Chemical - Combustion - Gas Analyssis TDL

Gas analysers

Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) technology is the preferred technique for specific analysis of one component. In some cases, combinations are possible. Depending on the circumstances, the following gases can be measured:

  • Oxygen, O2
  • Carbon dioxide, CO2
  • Carbon monoxide, CO
  • Water, H2O
  • Methane, CH4
  • Ammonia, NH3
  • Hydrochloric acid, HCl
  • Hydrogen sulphide, H2S

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