Industrial & Domestic wastewater

Waste Water - Industrial Waste Water
Waste Water - Industrial Waste Water

From showering to washing the dishes and laundry to flushing the toilet. As the name suggests, wastewater from these "household activities" falls under the heading of domestic wastewater

Industrial wastewater is the wastewater produced by companies that is not considered as cooling water. This type of wastewater may contain other components depending on its production and where it comes from. Monitoring the composition and quality of the water is therefore important. 

Wastewater is, in general, sent to a sewer and then, may or may not be sent to a treatment plant. An accurate picture of the water quality is important for system optimisation, environmental reporting and protection. 

This may be done in various ways:

  • Through continuous monitoring with event detection and the necessary alarms. These can be inserted directly into the pipe or reservoir. If this is not possible, the water can be diverted through a bypass (flow cell) in which the measurement then takes place.
  • By means of sampling and subsequent analysis in a laboratory.
  • By means of “random sampling" of the water. A portable meter with parameters such as pH, conductivity, turbidity, ammonium, chloride, nitrate, etc. is ideal for this. 
Waste Water - Flow Measurement - Radar Technology

Finally, it is also important to continuously monitor the flow of this wastewater. On open systems you work with a measuring infrastructure, measuring baffle or measuring trough, in combination with an ultrasonic level measurement or bubble tube. Electromagnetic flow measurement is recommended in closed systems. The operation of the above measuring devices is described in detail on our solution page about flow measurement.

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