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Application Colour Measurement Glass
Application Colour Measurement Glass

There are several applications for coated glass: in architecture as well as in the automotive industry.

No sustainable home is possible without coated glass. In addition to its enormous potential as a structural and aesthetic element in architecture with a focus on colour consistency, we go a step further and also measure heat reflection. For example, we use our colour meter to check not only the incidence of light or the effect of the glass on our view of the outside world, but also the heat that enters and the heat loss through the glass. 

Colour measurement on glass is essential in the production of coated glass, both during the research phase and during quality control. In this way, adjustments can be made in time to meet the predefined quality requirements.

A clear view of the world!

Nowhere is it so clear that glass also contains colour as in a car window. But also nowhere so important as not to disturb the view of the outside world! This is why, in addition to colour, we also simultaneously measure the "Haze” transmission. 

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