ChemPharma - Product identification

ChemPharma - Product Identification - Process Monitoring

Stored products are consumed sooner or later. They are transferred from the storage tank to another destination for production, further processing, filling or transport. You want the right product to go to the right place and that no mistakes are made. The choice of the right measuring and analysis systems depends mainly on the products themselves.

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What runs through the pipeline?


Each product has its own specific refractive index. This can be measured inline by using a refractometer. An inline refractometer gives you the right result immediately, is drift-free and is always ready. Important detail: this technique is independent of particles, air bubbles or flow rate changes.


If you can differentiate the various products on the basis of colour, you can choose a photometer. This measures the absorption of a specific wavelength, and thus the colour. The selected wavelength can be in the visual, UV or IR range.

ChemPharma - Product Identification - Process Monitoring


Is mainly used for inorganic substances such as salts. The conductance or conductivity varies with concentration.


The acidity and/or oxidation and reduction potential (Redox potential) is a simple measurement for distinguishing between different products.

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