ChemPharma - Formulation

Pharma - Formulation

In the formulation step, all necessary products are added in the right proportions. This is the last step before the final product goes to the bulk storage or packaging department. At this point you really want to be sure that everything is going well. Rapid quality control is of paramount importance.


The adding together of different products is not done randomly, but according to a precise recipe. Each step in that recipe changes the refractive index of the solution. An inline refractometer is the best way to monitor and even control the recipe.

Pharma - pH measurement


One of the most important quality parameters for a finished products is the pH or acidity. The value must often lie between narrow limits. Fortunately, digital intelligent pH electrodes can perform the most accurate calibration and you have the tools to predict maintenance (predictive maintenance) to ensure the quality of the measurement.


For dosing salts or other conductive substances, a conductivity or conductance meter is the obvious choice. A simple and low-maintenance measurement technique.

ChemPharma - Optical Measurements - Spectroscopy - Optek


Not everything is always in solution. Often, solids must remain in suspension. A turbidity meter determines the concentration of undissolved substances in a mixture.


The colour of the finished product is an important visual quality parameter. A (spectro)photometer measures the absorption at one or more wavelengths, allowing you to determine the exact colour.

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